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GSPC was established in 2008 by highly experienced property manager, Craig McColl. Since then, GSPC has grown into one of Scotland’s leading property management businesses, a credit to Craig and his team who continue to deliver a level of passion and service clients describe as first class. Whether you are selling a property, buying a property, a Tenant or a Landlord – you can expect all aspects of your experience to be positive at GSPC. We’ll make your life easy and deliver on every promise we make. At GSPC. We care.


Full service property Management, Maintenance. Investments.

Landlords can relax with GSPC, feeling safe and secure with the knowledge that we’ll just take care of it. Your rent will be in your account on time, repairs will be taken care of quickly and efficiently, and we’ll take care of the paperwork right down to the last dot – all online in one place that can be easily accessed at any time. Find out more


At GSPC, we care. That’s why we’ll ask you what kind of a lifestyle you want, before showing you properties that meets your life goals – not just the ones we have left. We have a wide range of ever evolving properties available at any one time. GSPC Tenants feel loved, safe in the knowledge that GSPC is a member of the safe deposit scheme and that we are committed to their happiness.

Country Living.

City Flying.

GSPC Skinny.

A lighter option for landlords

What our clients say

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GSPC have offered me an amazing and quick highly professional service, I instructed them to put my property up for rental on the Friday and by the Tuesday My property was off the market and rented out to a lovely professional couple. I can't recommend this agency enough.

Fionna Ellison June 25, 2016

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